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Materials Testing


We will sample and test soil and aggregate from your local pit or building site to specifications outlined by the project plan set, local Building Official, or WSDOT Standard Specification. 

Proctor curve determination and gradation to qualify material for specific usage and sand clay ratio (SE) to test cleanliness as outlined in the WSDOT Standard Specifications are common procedures we perform in our local materials lab. 

Concrete Testing


Concrete work is complicated and costly. We will come to your site to help ensure that you get the quality of material and workmanship your project demands. We test the delivered concrete for slump, air entrainment (exposed concrete), QC,  temperature, placement and form cylinders for strength determination.

We will observe procedure and consolidation technique as required by the IBC. We can perform required inspection of cast in place elements (rebar) for size, type, length, placement, location etc. We can observe post installed anchors or dowels using epoxy as required by the IBC.

Compaction Testing


At the beginning and during construction, CIS can observe, test, and document Structural Fill placement and compaction of soils, aggregate and hot mixed asphalt. 

Using a Nuclear Densometer we will check your compacted lifts for density and moisture content to ensure the sub-grade is placed as required to fulfill the requirements as outlined in the project plans and specifications. CIS can assist with determining unsuitable materials as well as sample material for chemical or contaminant testing. 

Concrete Testing


Slump - ASTM C-143

Air Entrainment - ASTM C-231

Strength - ASTM C-31

Epoxy Bolt / Anchor Bolt


IBC Chapter 17 Required Periodic Inspection

Rebar Inspection


Inspector will verify that the reinforcing steel is in compliance with applicable standards, approved plans, specifications and procedures.

Welding Inspection


Our AWS Certified Welding Inspector formerly worked as the Dept Head for Peninsula College Welding Program.

Compaction Testing


We verify use of proper materials, densities and lift thickness during placement and compaction of aggregate and HMA.



Construction projects often require competent oversight to ensure the project is built to specification. When you need assistance, we can help.